Behind every naturalista there is a story.

The fact is, 99% of naturalistas today once  wore their hair relaxed. That big moment when you actually walk into a salon and ask for your hair to be cut off or short definitely has a story backing it. Some reasons are serious while some are actually quite funny and I will be counting mine as one of those funny stories or who knows, it could pass as the funniest natural hair story ever!

  “Think like a man” the movie turned my hair story around (By the way if you haven’t seen it it’s a must-see, I really loved it, I still do) Now here’s how it all happened.

With my long relaxed hair, I sat on the couch watching one of the movies I got from a friend earlier that day, “Think Like a Man”. Then the cocks were crowing, children were running to and fro and bla bla bla bammm! To cut the long story short, I fell in love with Megan Good’s hairstyle (we all know Megan right? Just google her if you don’t) I literally wanted it right there and then, on my head! I started to day dream about that hair, I saw me dancing  with it in slow motion, I saw the wind blow on it  with soft music playing in the background, I can almost swear I saw that hair smile at me, winked and did the sexy finger move beckoning on me to come. And just like that I paused the movie, ran to a salon, showed them the hairstyle and and said to the Barber, “I want this hair on my head now!”

The barber looked at me and said, “that would mean cutting off your hair”, do you really want that?  And I replied “hell, yea” with a badass smile on my face cause I had in my minds eye how beautiful I’ll look in that hair.  He went ahead to suggest I fix it with a weavon but I said “it won’t look as good” still with my smile on.

And yeah, he go to work, but looking at that huge scissors held on to my hair, I felt a strong urge to ask him to stop, but then again, that hair appeared and smiled at me and just like that the rest became history.

After a while, my hair was gone and I had on this new look that was supposed to look good but turned out bad. I should have known such a hairstyle, cannot come so easy especially when you’re in Nsukka. Yea, I was in Nsukka, Enugu State,  Nigeria at that time and I had a local barber use my hair as experiment. Meeeeehn! you should have seen how bad it was. Imagine a new hair look you never took a picture of,  that’s how bad it was. And I was stuck with it; of course my hair was gone I couldn’t glue it back, it was gone, so gone!

I managed it for a while, wigs were my saviour. I trimmed it off at some point deciding to grow my hair out this time without a relaxer.

And I must say, God bless the day I did that plan less big chop, it brought me a way better new look!

Hi again,

Here is my story,

what’s yours?

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  1. beautiful and sincere.
    we all have our reasons for taking certain action

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