Lets Talk Basic Hair Products /How To Spend Less

Looking to go natural?

Confused on how to go about it, how to spend less and what products to buy?

Look no more, I am willing to hold your hands and walk you through the basic things you need and the products that have personally worked for my hair.
It is one thing to get a product and another thing to get a product that works for your hair. Maintaining natural hair in Nigeria can be really challenging when it comes to choice of products because the too many natural hair products out there could make someone confused on which particular product to go for. Also, most of the natural hair companies that produce a wide range of natural hair products are not found around and these products when shipped down to Nigeria are too pricey. Shea moisture is a brand that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to go natural but then most people don’t go for it because they feel it’s too expensive for them and truth to be told it is somewhat expensive when compared to most of other natural hair products especially with Nigeria’s present economic state.

Anywho, another important thing to note is that when a particular brand provides you with  tons of hair products ranging from hair shampoos, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair moisturizers,  hair oils, hair gels and so on, it is somewhat wise to stick to it   instead of using different brand products unless you are sure they work together quite well for you. For example if Aussie is your shampoo brand (by the way that is another great brand especially when it comes to  their 3 Minute Moist Miracle deep conditioner but it’s also not common in Nigeria; you can find it easily in the US ) an Aussie conditioner should be the best bet as a follow-up   because the company knowing how much  natural oil was stripped from your hair also have a gauge how much moisture the conditioner should contain to suit the hair better.

With these said, I am going to let you in on some natural hair products I use that work perfectly for my hair and at a cheaper rate than the ones I mentioned earlier. I mean, come on, who wants to spend more when there is an option of spending less and achieving the same results especially with this present recession, lol.

Whether you have already gone natural or are looking to go natural there are basic products you need and when I say “need” I mean the ones you cannot do without if you want to practice a healthy hair routine.


1.  Hair shampoo:  

this is definitely a must-have,  healthy hair and clean scalp work hand-in-hand and to achieve this, a shampoo is definitely needed. It is of public knowledge that shampoo can be too harsh for African hair.  One that can cleanse the hair without stripping it or cause dryness is what you want. It is important to choose wisely.  There are two shampoos you must have,  a neutralizing shampoo (this thoroughly cleanses and is used mostly when your pores are extremely dirty with lots of product build up) and an often wash shampoo (that’s my personal term for it hope you get the hang of what I’m talking about) which,  as the name implies can be used daily without stripping the hair. It is used when the hair doesn’t have as much dirt or product build up. This should be for your weekly wash  (if you like to watch weekly) It can be used daily if need be (though I wouldn’t recommend a daily hair wash but we’ll discuss that later) While getting a shampoo,  try to avoid one that contains sulfate,  it strips the hair.  (Heres how to check)  When you buy the product check the product content, once you see Sulfate, avoid. girl avoid!  If you happen to be like me and do like a particular sulfate contained shampoo for some reasons, just avoid washing your hair with it too often. I personally use the  Oriflame volume boost.( I use it once in awhile though , I don’t like to wash my hair too often cause I feel  it is way too much manipulation,  also because of its sulfate content (and because I’m lazy too. Lol,  a little bit of both) but if need be for a daily or weekly wash, I wash my hair with a conditioner instead.  You could try it too and see if it works for you just fine so that you can save money on buying the II shampoo.

2. Deep conditioner: 
 the deep conditioner is meant to restore to your hair what the shampoo stripped,  activating moisture and strengthening the hair after it has been put through the stress of a wash. For a healthy hair routine,  this is not a want,  it’s a need. It is different from a leave-in conditioner; just as the name implies,  it conditions deeply. It is usually left for a while (according to the manufacture’s instructions) and covered with a plastic cap to maximize moisture penetrating the hair shaft (cause, baby,  that is the aim) and then washed off. Inasmuch as I would have loved an Oriflame deep conditioner as my follow-up, I use the Honey Treatment Wax deep conditioner because Oriflame only has a leave in conditioner as a follow up to the volume boost shampoo. The honey deep conditioner works wonders for my hair. You can easily get it in any shop rite outlet near you.


It is a conditioner applied after the deep conditioner is washed off and left to sit on the hair (you do not wash this off) It helps your hair stay moist and you can throw on some of it over again once you feel your hair is dry or when you need moisture to style. I use the Oriflame volume boost leave in conditioner. This conditioner is the best for girls with naturally thin hair especially when used with the shampoo,  one could definitely say it works miracles.


3. MOISTURIZER:  In as much as moisture is important and also aids greatly for a healthy hair routine and hair length retainment,  I am not exactly particular about getting a moisturizer but of course,  go to the shop and pick up one if you love it! Truth be told,  if you can afford one, it’s great but I believe that a leave-in conditioner pretty much serves as a moisturizer. These are mainly creams and lotions specifically meant to moisturize the hair (this is not a leave-in conditioner, it does not condition, it only adds moisture and makes your hair more manageable) I will not be recommending one personally cause I haven’t exactly tried out any but will be sure to keep you in the loop once I find one that works really great for me.


this is simply oil used on the hair,  mostly for sealing in moisture but also for moisturizing sometimes. There is a wide range of oils,  just like every other hair product. There is the coconut oil,  avocado oil,  argan oil,  olive oil, palm oil (lol, kidding) and yea! Oil is absolutely necessary. Hair oil should be on your list girl.  I use Coconut Oil for my hair and no,  I don’t have a brand,  I make mine.  It’s stressful but I do it and you can too.  Reason being that most of the brands out there tag coconut oil on their packages with nice looking coconut drawn on them but as far as I’m concerned,  there is a possibility of the content not being what they say it is Or who knows,  it could be! but,  I don’t like to take chances.  Plus our aim is to cut down on the budget so this is a great way. Recommending coconut oil,  I would go for the Oriflame, there is organics too but it’s too pricey. I used the Oriflame before I started to make mine, it worked fine but I stopped because I had to cut down on the budget.



This is not a must-have but it is being listed here cause it is my must- have and knowing there are people like me out there that might like gels as much as I do,  I decided to include it.  Gels are great styling aids! They basically hold your hair the way you want them and comes in handy for sleek looks for natural hair. It is important to note that all gels will not work for you as a naturalista but some will. The best bet i have used is eco styler gel, it is my holy grail,  I use the olive oil type and it works! It is important to note that there is no guarantee of a hair product that works for a particular hair to work for yours.  Hair can look alike but might really not be the same. Miss A and Miss B’s 4c hairs can react differently to a particular hair product, one might like it, the other won’t but then I believe other people’s testimonials are great

It is important to note that there is no guarantee of a hair product that works for a particular hair to work for yours.  Hair can look alike but might really not be the same. Miss A and Miss B’s 4c hairs can react differently to a particular hair product, one might like it, the other won’t but then I believe other people’s testimonials are great directions for choosing a natural hair product. All you do in the beginning is to keep trying till you find “that baby” (I mean your best product)

Lest I forget,  you can get a bunch of the products I use if you want, just comment below and send me a mail (francydaez@gmail.Com)  I have a couple of them available.  For any kind of hair issue like hair loss,  dandruff, lost edges etc, the ORIFLAME DANDRUFF RESCUE TREATMENT which not only works for dandruff but also for other hair complications (tested and proven) can be your Superman.

Below is an image

The Oriflame isn’t a company around us either but the products are easily accessible around here and these products have saved hairs times without number and are more affordable when compared to some brands.

Please feel free to comment what products work for your natural hair and who knows,  it could be my next baby!

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  1. Nice one! My natural hair has been giving me issues lately….. ‘Dandruff’ it’s getting worse ..
    My front hair is probably on serious recession…

    • hi Chizoba. thanks for your comment. I would suggest you avoid braids as that’s the usual cause for scanty edges. please try to get the Oriflame antidandruff treatment I posted about. you can inbox me privately via email on how to get the product if you are interested. thanks.

  2. Great tips dear. Handy, really handy 👌👍

  3. And can jack five serve as my gel?…cos I still have a full container

  4. Wow, thanks a lot for the info. styleinblac.

  5. Tank you so much, my hair is full of dandruff and bit hard wat should I use?

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