Natural hair is one of the overly discussed topics in our community today especially amongst the ladies. There seems to be so much stress on our tresses which gradually is tending towards a debate between the natural and relaxed chicks.

There’s also been lots of documentaries , topics and opinions about how people should and should not wear their hair; in as much as these different opinions can help some decide, it might leave some rather confused and indecisive.

As blacks, our hair is fragile and therefore need enough time and care to grow. Whether you wear it natural or relaxed is really not the point, all you you need is to understand what natural hair and relaxed hair mean for a better choice of whichever you can more conveinetly care for. I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong way to wear your hair, all you need to do is  keep it healthy. Having worn my hair both relaxed and natural, I have gathered from experience a few tips to help you decide. I hope you find it really helpful


There seems to be a view that natural hair is costlier than relaxed hair but I personally have tried both and can boldly say that natural hair is way cheaper to maintain (if you want)  The use of the things you easily find in your kitchen like eggs,  avacado,  coconut oil etc make your natural hair pop but relaxed hair will always need a relaxer,  a saloon visit,  a weave etc


Natural hair as most of us know is healthier. Heat, perms and weaves can diminish your hair longetivity. Our thick textured hair being forced to stay straight with the use of chemicals is definitely being damaged because the original state of it is being altered therefore making it difficult to reach it’s full potential.


Relaxed hair has the upper hand in this aspect, since the relaxer makes it soft and straightened, it is way easier to style while natural is incredibly time consuming, ranging from washday to detangling to styling and let’s not even get started on airdrying your hair.


Natural hair is more versatile when it comes to styling compared to relaxed hair, from the kinky look to the sleek look, it can also be worn stretched or shrunken, straigtned or curly, unlike relaxed hair.


You won’t need to transition or bigchop if your hair is relaxed, and trust me these two can be a real challenge for the naturalistas when starting their natural hair journey, transitioning can mean relearning your hair while the big chop can come as a shock to you and those who knew you but anyway it gets better.


The natural version of your hair is definitely the Fuller and thicker version, trust me on this one. Since relaxed hair is thinner, wanting a fuller hair means doing away with the chemicals.


Girls like Me  who love their buns huge should probably go for natural hair, while the ones who don’t care about how huge a bun is as far as it’s a bun can achieve it with their relaxed hair.


More length can be retained with natural hair because it is healthier, stronger and can retain more length, no matter matter how long you think relaxed hair can get natural hair can retain even more.


It’s a general knowledge that natural hair can be a bitch when it comes to detangling, while the comb can smoothly go through your relaxed hair, natural hair could take hours or even days to detangle depending on how tangled it is.


There is something about seeing a woman head full of hair, naturals tend to get the most attention when it comes to this , I personally can not count how many times people have starred and admired my hair since i went natural. Men simply describe it as beautiful.

I hope you find these helpful. Be sure to leave your comments below and let me know your questions and what you’lld like me to discuss next.

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